Zhai Hao Jin nodded his head

Wu restricted the oxygen apparently did not think would take the initiative to ask to see birds Liu Jun Jie Jin. such things had never happened. In general, provincial secretary of the initiative is summoned under the cadres. particularly Huo Wei Hao Jin to produce strong ??GHD IV salon sale known to party secretary general, really can not take the initiative to ask to see him. As for Liu Jun, and anyone know that he is not to be see Jin-ho bird. Wu restricted the oxygen slightly Zhengleng a moment, immediately think of the state potential occurrence of these days the kinds of disturbance, immediately replied: Yes, please wait mayor Liu. Ill go and consult Di Shuji! Talk about the importance, under the cadres and asked to see the provincial party secretary, Wu restricted the oxygen do not have such a rush to report, how should pay attention to the individual system thing. But for Liu Jun requirements. Wu restricted the oxygen can not neglect. Some things that people can delay, while others things, is absolutely can not afford to delay. Director Wu looked at his watch, then knocked on the door in the office, and went in, very respectful and said: Secretary, City of Comrade Liu Jun potential lead just over a shield, and said it would like ghd purple you to have this report, you see. Ah not have the time of reporting it Fok Kam-ho heard the files from the desktop looked up, looked at Xiao Wu look. After thinking a bit ha. Said: Yes. You arrange a time. Wu restricted the oxygen immediately said: Tomorrow morning nine to nine forty, you do not arrange matters, ah!


Zhai Hao Jin nodded his head, and focus on the front of the file. Does not seem very concerned about this matter. Wu restricted the oxygen slightly bowed, and quietly back out to Liu Jun Hao Jin Zhai informed decision. Hao Jin Zhai summoned at nine oclock, Liu Jun ghd pretty in pink province arrived overnight, and did not go and Cuifu Cheng, Li Hui, Jin promising friends with each other, headed straight for the Lingya there. Liu Juns ??ghd precious black briefcase, not only with the Han Xu they have seen the information, but also with some other municipal leaders who have not seen the data. These data are no doubt had to be handed over to the purpose Zhai Jin-ho. Such information directly to the bird Ho Kam. Or through the implementation of the hand to show Jin Hao Jin Zhai, Liu Jun has thought carefully. Ultimately ghd hair decide their own hands to Fok Kam-ho. This decision. Is mainly based on the oath of the character Jin-ho. Hao Jin Zhai White province, nearly three years. During the inevitable and grapefruit Liu Yanei unpleasant happened several times. Can even say that, to date, has not abandoned the whole Jin Hao Liu Jun out of the provinces intentions. In fact, the high-level factions in the province of big brother for the presence of Liu Jun, but also very critical. Liu Jun is just one person alone, but also the Bale. Although Yan Liu, Department of successors. After all age too light, the location is also not very prominent. However, because the presence of Liu Jun, a considerable portion ghd midnight collection of provincial power, Yan Liu a Department of backward. Including several Provincial Standing Committee. Yan Liu before this whole two large factions, are difficult to encroach on the province. For such abruptly cut ghd outlet out the meat behavior, big brothers are very dissatisfied.


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