The high currency long, interest is so high

Sure enough, issue a LiuJun approached liu, secretary of smiles and then poking fun at 1.

QiuQing stared at ghd australia shop him, her face is very unhappy.

Liu secretary also ignored the high art long dissatisfaction. Just ghd sale smile, laugh too rather ambivalent

High have sichuan stuffy "many" a sound.

Friendly inadvertent!!!!!

Hold the QiuQingChuan, WangMengMeng ghd iv in mind comfortable tone, then long change, without smiling face of yellow hair man said: "if I do not give you money, are you going to do?"

Ms wanda seems to be high currency long glance stare out internal heat, want to find a walking stick to the cushion foul-weather insurance policy.

O show and small yan saw this appearance, and smile happily of aside in the theatre. But o show glanced at the ghd gold carefully yellow hair woman, on the face of a few eyes smile YouHu gone, surprised tunnel: "how are you, the Yin.?"

Yellow hair woman just attention on ghd blue all QiuQingChuan body, found no show, smell speech, surprised and said: "show? Were you at? Sister"

Had the two is the understanding.

They use to show busy, XiaoYan said a few words, words haven’t say that finish, yellow hair woman face changed, is preparing to remind yellow hair man a few words, but it’s already too late.

Yellow hair man of hippies WangMengMeng said: "don’t give money to also go, your brother just not molested my girlfriend? You give me to touch back. Will be all square, oh"

Listen to a clear and crisp and the applause ring out, yellow hair man dark ghd suddenly wu wear face straight call.

"Oh, you still dare to moving ah

Appearance, yellow hair man a few friends over there immediately all Fried nests, aggressive casting up forward.

Set sprouting sprouting coldly say: "want to death came up, we call people stripped your skin!"

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