WangMengMeng sneer at

"Henry" heng, JiangLi. You somehow gun is a boss, why don’t you speak for Ghd Pink Orchid Limited Edition all the brain will give him, he is not ghd

long memory, the next time still have to get into trouble. Do you think who are like me so good? "

WangMengMeng voice cold, TouYan glanced at LiuJun and QiuQing "there. But see this two master has already laid to rest there, rod and very carefree appearance, seems to happen this way, all no longer and they have a relationship.

Jiang do forehead sweat of the river flow became the general. Utter chi of myself, do not know how to is good. Wanted to ghd sale think, and to the WangMengMeng QianRan smile, take out a phone to call the aside.

Show WangMengMeng whispered to o said, "sister wang. The child is one of my little hometown, also in the area, people don’t sensible that mix, you of the adult, her loose it once

WangMengMeng sneer at 1, said: "show. You also don’t o wiser, I have not sinned against her."


O show swallowed up repeatedly into the water, and two master one ghd precious eye, there does not know how to say.

Yellow hair woman early didn’t just of arrogance and lowered his head, secretly came to yellow hair man side. Will his ear bite quietly for a few words ears. Yellow hair man whole body an earthquake, raise your eyes looked into the show and a few small yan, eye, was is very ugly face becomes as general resurgence.

Material will this time, yellow hair man also recognized the show and small yan, o, the famous star. Change the makeup. Casual is difficult to recognize, but yellow hair woman, a reminder of the natural could spot.

O show and small yan, in the ordinary people’s eyes. It is also a great ghd

role, and look at that face. WangMengMeng in front, the atmosphere all dare not out of one, therefore, what kind of character himself against.

"WangZong, WangZong, my elder sister, please connect a telephone,"

JiangLi a slip away small run to come to WangMengMeng, before bowing and scraping said, ghd purple will pass over mobile phones.

Out of his mouth "my elder sister is WangMengMeng that friend" estimate.

WangMengMeng LiuMei a slight cu, some dirty took a telephone, "well" a sound.

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