Voila! You're now fully ready to create gorgeous looks for nice hair using the ghd iv styler.

1. Proper preparation is important for experienceing this stunning salon styles a pair of ghd straighteners offer. ghd recommend using ghd Nurture Shampoo ghd Nurture Conditioner from 1 from the Thermodynamics range, before lightly spraying ghd Miracle Mist to provide hair extra moisture retention and shine.

2. For protection during blow-drying, be sure to use thermal protector to avoid heat harm to hair. Ghd Obedience Cream will likely keep your hair frizz-free during drying, so apply with the ends first with your fingers after which from the top, to ensure there is no product increase at the roots.

3. So that you can give your hair the right base to create, an even blow dry is vital. Section your hair by subtracting a line from the bottom of the ears behind your neck
Twist each part of hair lightly around a ghd Anti-Static Brush, hold the dryer all-around it, and slowly pull the brush along to the ends. Continue ghd iv styler by your hair, finishing in the front.

Tips for Straight Hair:

1. Sectioning is essential in case you are to realize your desired look. Start with sectioning nice hair 1 inch deep in the nape from the neck. Have the centre with the back of your head, and work from side to side, secure them with a clip.

2. By using a comb or fingers, take a 2-inch wide area of hair, place your ghd hair straighteners at the bottom and glide along towards the ends. Do not forget that small the section, the better the main you will get, providing you straighter, sleeker hair.

3. To prevent causing unnecessary harm to your hair, make certain you don't clamp the irons down while straightening using your ghd straighteners. Just hold them lightly, glide from root to tip, and ghd australia shop the allow heat do everything.

4. Complete through each section finishing at the parting. Straighten your fringe as you would any other section, but style your hair inside the direction that you might want it to fall.

5. For a crowning glory, ghd Polishing Serum in your palms and distribute evenly through the entire hair, to give you straight, sleek and glossy locks which will feel silky smooth.

Tips for Curling:

1. Again, sectioning is critical should you be to attain your required look. Begin with sectioning your hair 1 inch deep on the nape of the neck. Have the centre in the back of the head, and work sideways, secure them with a clip. Remember, the bigger the sections, the higher the curls!

2. Spray each section before styling with ghd Creation Spray to offer the greatest hold while curling. Please take a section 1 inch wide and hold at the end, while holding the ghd styler vertically. Put in place at the root, rotate by 180o and slowly glide in the end. Maintain your ghd styler rotating slightly while moving, in addition to how the slower you are going, the tighter the curl.

3. Even though the new ghd iv styler's rounder barrel offers brilliant curls, it should take some technique practise before perfection. If one makes a mistake, then just allow that to area of hair cool off for five minutes, and then repeat the process.

4. When you move from section to section, make sure you rotate your ghd styler in the other for the previous section, to achieve a much more natural look.

5. Root drag occurs when flowing hair is straight on the roots then again begins to curl down the lengths and ends. This is caused by not close enough for the root when styling. As curls shorten your hair, it's a good idea to own some root drag at the back of your mind to maintain length, and a few towards the top to prevent too much volume. For modern styles, drag the root for just two inches before rotating your ghd styler.

6. In order to complete, apply a tiny amount of ghd Precision Wax to your fingertips, and loosely function with each curl for the brilliant shine, ghd rare styler hold and definition.